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A Complete Overhaul of My Text-Based CYOA Game in Python!

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A Lot of Planning and Revision for a Text-Based Adventure Game in Python

This was great and horrible at the same time. Introduction Hello there, coders! Today, I'm going to be telling you about my experiences revising python basics, and planning my text based adventure game!  This was all done in python as me, a beginner programmer! Revising my Data Structures As you have read from my previous blog, I decided to revise the things I've learned from the last two weeks of learning Python. I've got to say, if you're also a beginner like me, you've got to do this, as this can definitely make yourself more confident in your fundamentals!  For example, I was really confused about dictionaries, but revising solved that problem instantly! Planning for the CYOA Game I was originally planning for my game to be a fighting game, but I do NOT have the skills for it. Not now, at least. I was going to start coding but then I realized something. I'm doing things without knowing what I'm even working towards!  Because I realized this, I probably s

The Start of a Brand New Journey: Making a Text-Based Adventure Game in Python.

  I felt like I was doing something wrong. Introduction Hello there, coders!  It's been quite a while, I know.  I took a small rest so that I could fully transition into a weekly schedule instead of a daily one, but now I'm here! Today, I'm going to be talking about me starting out to make my first real project.  I watched a few YouTube videos in my hiatus and realized I wasn't doing anything useful other than doing exercises, so I decided to start a project! I'm a bit guilty of AI usage, because I used it to give me ideas for projects. It's not much of a big deal, but I felt like I had to mention it. The Start So when I asked it, it gave me an idea for a person exploring a mansion.  So, I expanded on that by adding a bit of mystery and spooky into it, with the idea now being that a overtly curious child exploring a mansion.  Little did they know, it was haunted! First of all, I started a character introduction thing, with my program first asking the person'

Dictionaries in Python: A Treacherous Learning Journey

  This was by far the hardest concept to learn for me in Python. Introduction Hello there, Coders! Today, we're going to dive into dictionaries in python, and my experience learning about of it!  You might find it easy... or very difficult like me. I spent three whole days learning these.  The reason this took so long was because I had a tough time wrapping my head around it. There was also the laziness. So, what are even dictionaries? What are even Dictionaries? Dictionaries are like lists, but they're just jumbled up lists. If you don't know what they are, just check out the blog post I wrote! The main difference between dictionaries and lists, are that lists can stores values by indexing it with numbers, but dictionaries stores values with keys, basically making it a large bag of variables. This apparently makes it very powerful, but I can't tell since python's my first language... You can slice things up, and they are mutable just like lists, so you can edit the

Python Lists: Beginner Python Lists Introduction and A Beginner's Experiences Learning It

  Apparently, we're doing data structures here! Introduction Hello there, coders! Today, we're talking about lists! I'm also going to be recalling my experience learning about lists after so many minutes. I was actually supposed to post this much earlier but because of the light cutouts coupled with my english tuition, AND my headphones not working, I couldn't start this blog post. Thankfully my lights came on a bit earlier than usual! What are Lists? They're a, well, list! It's very well named. It's stored in a variable with square brackets [] and separated by commas, and you can put many data types in it!  This basically just makes it a better way of storing data, instead of using normal brackets to store only one data type.  What can we do with lists? You can modify lists even after they were made, or in other words, mutable.  You can use many functions to add data to the back of the list, remove data, add data in the middle of the list, and you can sort

Taming Text Files in Python!

  I was very frustrated with this one. Introduction Hello there, coders! I was completely surprised, flabbergasted, and astonished, since this lesson was completely different from the others.  I was going to have to do actual work instead of learning things. Frightening, I know. Having to skim through hundreds of lines of text to find that one email can be very frustrating, so python reading the text files can save hours off of your life. Real-Time Reaction of a business man finding this out  Deep Dive So, python (as I've heard), is a very special language as it reads text files and has a function specifically for that (as I found out from Mr. Charles). This all can happen because of one function: open() . It basically, well, opens the text file and you can just do everything you want with it. (p.s. apparently it can open other types of files but I still don't know that... ) The variable the function happens in is called the handle, but I just called it a portal since it was ea

What are Strings? A Beginner's Guide Into Programming Strings in Python

  What is the meaning of a string in coding? Introduction Hello there, coders! This was definitely one of the weirdest concepts I had to understand when I was learning to code.  It is so simple, but I spent an entire evening understand strings! It was ver y embarrassing , but at least I know now!  To hopefully regain my pride, I'm going to explain what strings are in programming as a beginner. What even are strings? Strings are data that you can print out. It's basically text. You might be confused if 9 is a string or an integer (number), but you can just change it! You can type in your code editor to turn a certain variable or a number into a string, in our case 9, by using the str() function. You can put anything in there and it will turn into something you can print out! You can't perform math on the string '9' though. My Experience Aside from the usual data types, I was a bit stumped when I reached the string functions. There were just so many string functions,